What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a term related with Arificial Intelligence (AI). A lot of people talks but only few know what is really about. With this post we would like to give you a bases of knowledge.

The term machine learning it is vinculated to all those algorithms that allow that machines learn when gaining experience. Meaning, algorithms that infer the rules and patterns that govern a system according to the data resulting from the system. Examples of this are virtual assistants, traffic predictions, image recognition, proposals from “people you may know” or “products that may interest you”, internet search engines, etc.


Among its advantages, it is highlighted the hability of the system to take decisions on its own. Without the need of human intervention. As well as the ability to control a multitude of data in a more effective way and with a clear objective. It is no longer necessary to “impose” the rules or “simplify” the systems. The more data the algorithms obtain, and the more quality there is in each data, the more precision is obtained in the results.

In contrast, its main disadvantage is the inability to “explain” the rules that result from this learning. These are hidden in their algorithms. In cases, in which it is necessary to “understand” the drivers that govern the system, it is necessary to use the type of algorithms such as regression. On the other hand, if you are only interested in prediction, the use of machine learning algorithms is the right way.

Machine Learning

Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that if the data spectrum is not broad and heterogeneous enough, these algorithms, in contrast to their amoral and objective premise, may increase social inequalities and injustices. Cathy O’Neal describes some examples in her book entitled “Weapons of Math Destruction”.


There are many companies that have already incorporated this technology into their operating systems. From the prediction of maintenance tasks and life of a machine, to the retention of customers or the forecast of sales / promotions. Machine learning can enter your company through SAP. SAP’s aspiration is to make all business solutions smart. Also help customers take advantage of their data. Think BIG, start small and move fast.

By: Alejandro Serrano