Integration between plant and SAP information in real time

SAP Manufacturing Intelligence and Integration (MII)

SAP MII is a modern web-based composite application platform for manufacturing operations. It provides users with significant levels of autonomy in the implementation of Internet of things (IoT) applications for the production plant.




SAP MII allows bidirectional integration of production, maintenance and quality processes with SAP business management procedures. Manufacturing systems integrate with SAP business applications through open standars, which leads to time saving in development.



SAP MII collects, enriches and leads the management of plant data.  It uses events, alarms and key figures to quickly provide users with all the relevant information for real-time decision making. It facilitates the visibility of the information of the plant users with the customization of graphs, reporting, KPIs and dashboards. It also improves the user experience by personalizing the interaction screens of the operators, adapting them to mobile devices.


SAP MII helps you create your own Industry 4.0 applications, from simple solutions to high complex solutions such as:

  • Manufacturing analytical platform
  • Equipment Efficiency (OEE)
  • Energy monitoring and analysis
  • Nonconformity management
  • Changes in production in real time
  • Data collection (Big Data)
  • Control and modeling of production processes
  • End-to-end traceability



  • Integration through built connectors with the plant
  • Standard integration with SAP ERP
  • Friendly and customizable operator interface by roles
  • Analysis of plant data and real-time alerts
  • Possibility of working online and offline


  • Simply and accelerate digital tranformation
  • Centralizes plant information
  • Improve plant operations with real-time analytics
  • Reduction of complecity and integration costs
  • Short-term amortization of the investment


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