Advanced Available-To-Promise (aATP)

Advanced Available-to-Promise (aATP) is the business function in SAP S/4HANA that provides a response to order fulfillment enquiries in Sales and Distribution (SD), Production Planning (PP) and Stock transport orders (MM). The ATP verification during order creation generates confirmation proposals for the requested material and plant, including confirmed quantities and dates.


Product Availability Check (ATP)

Product availability check is one of three ATP methods. It checks whether the requested material is available in the required quantity on the requested date for specific requirements (sales order, production order, etc.).


Product Allocation (PAL)

Product allocation is used when the demand is more than the supply (or capacity to produce). It avoids the “first come, first served” way of order promising and ensures that each customer receives its allocated share— that is, the customer who places an order first doesn’t take all (or most) of the product.


Alternative-Based Confirmation (ABC)

Alternative-based confirmation (ABC) is used to substitute the location (plant) or material (product) based on predefined business rules. If a material shortage occurs ABC is capable to search in and propose a new location or a similar material in order to fulfill our customer needs in the requested date.


Backorder Processing (BOP)

Backorder processing helps improve customer service and on-time delivery for important sales orders or customers, enhancing service level and loyalty. BOP releases the confirmed quantity for nonpriority orders and allocates those quantities to priority sales orders or stock transport orders.


Release for Delivery (RefDy)

Is a process prior to delivery creation and provides the option to manipulate the order confirmations for last-minute changes. The FIORI app allows you to view the material availability situation of materials for which you are responsible as well as assess the potential financial impact of being unable to fulfill sales orders. This, in combination with other factors, helps you decide how to distribute material quantities between sales orders, before you release the sales orders for subsequent logistics processes.



  • Backorder processing with intuitive requirement classification
  • Intelligent and automated selection of best confirmation considering alternative plants and substitutable materials
  • Easy-to-use and device-independent ATP explanation and simulation app
  • Advanced transportation scheduling.
  • The Manage Product Allocation Planning Data app now also supports the use of MS Excel (open office file format XLSX) for downloading/ uploading product allocation characteristic value combinations
  • Integration between SAP IBP and SAP S/ 4HANA


  • Configuration is less technical and very much simplified with fewer settings and intuitive SAP Fiori apps.
  •  Performance is significantly faster with the SAP HANA database and simplified data model.
  •  Configurations, master data, and transaction data reside in the same application SAP S/ 4HANA. No need of CIF integration models.
  •  User interface SAP Fiori.


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