Collaborate with your trading partners on demand plans and forecast

SAP Business Network Planning Collaboration ​

By integrating the SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain (SAP IBP) solution with SAP Business Network Planning Collaboration, you can work together with trading partners in real time across your plan-to-deliver processes. This results in better visibility, enabling you to flexibly manage supply, fill rates, and buffer stock. Meanwhile, automated processes help streamline workflows to increase productivity and agility.



Provide trading partners with forecast visibility through a common view for real-time orchestration of supply plans.​

Receive custom alerts that inform you about supply commitments, enabling you to take mitigating actions earlier.​

Digitally share forecasts that originate in your planning systems with your trading partners.



Gain visibility of trading partner commitments to optimize your constrained supply plan​.

Enable trading partners to fully or partially commit to the volume in each time bucket.



Equip your organization to work with multiple tiers of contract manufacturers and suppliers across supply chain planning processes​.

Obtain reports from trading partners on stock-on-hand quantities to better manage strategic components and proactively detect supply disruptions.



Uncover potential problem areas in your supply chain, such as forecasts where your trading partners cannot fully commit to your anticipated demand​.

Optimize your supply plan to move uncommitted volume to a secondary supply source.



Receive reports about stock on hand and other key information.

Get reports about supplier component manufacturing quantities, providing visibility into the manufacturing process and enabling detection of supply disruptions.


SAP Business Network Planning Collaboration Saptools

  • The largest and most comprehensive business network, trusted by millions of companies around the world.
  • SAP Business Network is a comprehensive B2B collaboration platform.
  • Companies connect, transact, and partner on shared processes and information.
  • Collaboration with all suppliers in real time across plan-to-deliver processes increases visibility into supply.
  • Better visibility enables improved fill rates and decreased buffer stock.
  • Transition from push to pull model enables reduced lead times.
  • Standard automated processes drive productivity improvements.
  • Faster and cheaper onboarding enables scaling and time to value.
  • Bill of materials and product sourcing enable hard cost savings and reduced cost of goods sold.
  • Reduce latency ​
Digitally share forecast information with trading partners and receive commitments across SAP Business Network for reflection in SAP IBP.​
  • Improve visibility ​
Respond proactively to changes in supply and demand with real-time visibility into stock on hand and supplier-managed inventory data. ​
  • Enhance forecast accuracy ​
Extend your processes beyond your four walls to share updated forecasts and inventory requirements.​
  • Evolve to a demand-driven model ​
Improve assurance of supply upstream in the supply chain, allowing for more complete and reliable delivery to downstream customers.​
  • Increase efficiency ​
Reduce planning cycle time and overall product lead time with a responsive, process-driven workflow.


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