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Danone and Saptools have receive the Honorable Mention in the SAP Innovation Awards 2023

SAP is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the SAP Innovation Awards, that recognized the achievements of future-minded organizations and individuals with fresh perspectives that have harnessed the power of the latest SAP products and technologies to achieve sustainability, optimization and data-driven decision-making.

Over 220 submissions were filled with inspiring and innovative use cases. The judges have selected 30 outstanding submissions as winners and 2 honorable mentions across 10 categories from among the 70 finalists.

SAP innovation Awards

Danone and Saptools as Partner have received the Honorable Mention for the project Transforming Demand Planning with Machine Learning in SAP IBP applied at scale for several countries for the different horizons and granularities.

Fulfilling all planning and business relevant granularity levels and breaking down the result for understanding base, sales events & marketing events impacts, using ML models.

Honorable Mention Sap Innovation AwardsDanone Saptools

The project in a Nutshell:


  • Implementing SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain (IBP) in EU, CIS and LATAM regions harnessing the capabilities of new technologies such as Machine Learning (ML) to move towards a ‘touchless’ demand planning model
  • Creating enhanced customer, channel and segment-oriented demand planning


  • Different forecasting strategies by type of product & supply chain models
  • Using Machine Learning models and Advanced Classical Stat Models
  • Machine Learning models with demand decomposition by blocks enhancing explainability
  • Enhanced granularities according to product/category or country needs: day/week/month, product, customer and location

Danone’s strategy of analyzing first, making a live pilot in one country and now rolling out to many others is a smart approach that ensures the success of the technology. By becoming the core of the forecasting process, ML techniques have facilitated the day-to-day job of demand planners by automating processes, enabling them to focus on adding value to the process.

Congratulations to Danone on winning the 2023 SAP Innovation awards!

Being recognized as SAP’s most advanced customer in the use of ML forecasting techniques in demand planning is a significant achievement, and one that highlights Danone’s commitment to innovation and excellence in its operations.

This achievement showcases Danone’s commitment to using cutting-edge technologies to drive its business forward and to remain at the forefront of the industry. We applaud Danone’s success and look forward to seeing more great things from the company in the future.

Saptools, an innovative SME certified and recognized by SAP as Expert in Supply Chain, has an expert group of  data scientists and has been the technology partner and enablers of this success. Their expertise in ML forecasting techniques has been instrumental in helping Danone achieve its goals. This collaboration highlights the importance of having strong technology partners who can provide valuable insights and support to achieve business objectives.