Saptools commits to talent and incorporates junior professionals with an attractive career plan in Advanced Planning

Saptools is committed to talent and has incorporated new young promises in its Integrated Business Planning and Data Science team in the last semester.

They come from very diverse degrees: Degrees in Mathematics, Double Degrees in Mathematics and Physics, Industrial Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Business Administration, Degree in Commercial Management and Marketing, Master in BIG Data and Master in Business Intelligence and Data Analysis.

Some of them have done their internships with us joining at the end of the scholarship and the rest have been hired directly as junior consultants. His lack of previous experience in SAP technology has not been a problem.

They have received intense and expert training and are already developing their professional career and contributing to innovative projects, both Integrated Business Planning (IBP) and Data Science. They already know leading companies in the world that are now their customers.

The established career plan, the possibility of contributing to cutting-edge projects and clients, the work environment and continuous learning with expert colleagues are what they stand out from this time of experience in Saptools.

Andrea, Degree in Mathematics and part of the Data Science team highlights these months in Saptools:

After doing the internship in the company, I have been able to put into practice all my knowledge and I have acquired new skills that are very useful for my professional career and my future. It has been a very enriching experience, with an excellent work environment and I have had all the support I have needed at all times. I am very grateful to have joined the company having finished the internship and being part of this great team.

Álvaro, Degree in Industrial Organization Engineering, Master in International Management and member of the IBP team takes stock of his incorporation:

After finishing my studies, I thought it was a great idea to join Saptools and be able to contribute my technical and business knowledge to a company focused on technology and people in order to expand my skills and boost my personal and professional development.

In its 2023 strategic plan, Saptools will continue with its commitment to talent as the key to its success and leadership, giving more young people the opportunity to join a first-class labor market, where the attractiveness of their training ensures an enviable professional future.