Saptools joined the XXIII National Meeting of Mathematics Students

The meeting was held from July 25 to 30, 2022 in the city of Valencia and had an outstanding participation and sponsorship of Saptools within the business and entrepreneurship forum, a space where 2 presentations were given, students were advised at the stand, a mathematical contest was held and some students were interviewed.

Alejandro Serrano, head of the Data Science area, gave a very interesting talk within the pechakucha at the beginning of the day where he analyzed the job options for mathematicians, the reality of the situation of the industry and the option of the consulting career, from a personal point of view and with a very dynamic format.

Pablo Tortosa, R&D director of Saptools, made a detailed presentation of the mathematical applications in supply chain optimization, machine learning and applied algorithms. Numerous concepts were explained and the students saw the practical application of mathematics in the reality of improving and automating the planning of sales, production, inventories and distribution of industry.

Saptools set out the challenge of a Mathematical Contest on demand variability. The contest had a great participation and 60% of the participants managed to get the right solution right.

The winner of the Iphone 13 was chosen by random choice among the winners, receiving the prize from the hand of Pablo Tortosa.

Saptools, with a clear focus on research and development and an outstanding area of Data Science, brought its practical and applied experience to the meeting of mathematicians. Our goal in these days is to bring the world of work closer to the University and get companies to take advantage of the talent of our young researchers, which is a lot, training the future responsible for the necessary digital transformation that our industry requires.