Automation and optimization with Machine Learning - SAP IBP

Machine Learning has proof to be a reliable solution that help companies to automate processes and to improve the decision making highlighting the right moment and the most relevant data.

The insights hidden in the Big data are real in both structured and unstructured datasets, and are necesary to provide knowledge on what is happening now and in the future.

Manual processes and past analytics are not competitive anymore.

All media in the 21st century is screaming for our attention. Competition is fierce, content is everywhere and diverse, and the business world is no different. Companies needto adapt to the new paradigm, full of data, and become very reactive to do not miss any business opportunity.

Somewhat paradoxically, companies need to stand out from the increasing amounts of “digital noise” collected from the many data sources that they currently use. This noise can lead to a loss in engagement, business, and money. Companies may become numb to information even when it is insightful and informative purely because it is not processed in a proper way.

Demand planning with Machine Learning

Today, everyone is talking about Machine Learning and the power and insights hidden in the data. So what is this important when it comes to get insights from data? The answer is very simple: we need truly powerful, long lasting, scalable, and reusable data
processes we must be able to apply in daily basis with our current data.

Machines are better on storing information, processing tons of data and providing quantitative results. As humans, we are hard wired with emotional bias, but we are definitely better on qualitive analysis and much faster reacting to new paradigms. With the mix of both is when companies level up: they need to be data enabled by maximizing automation of data flows and allowing the machines to convey information in a more effective and informative manner, highlighting where the humans need to focus.

This has led to increasingly sophisticated strategies to grab any kind of analysis and keep it and apply it without any control. This represents a missed opportunity; there is clear evidence that this is a path that needs to be walk slowly. Data Science engagement must come together with an internal change in the organizations. Concepts such as data cleaning are no longer valid, and demand planners need to change their mindset and start looking which are the drivers of their sales that they are not measuring yet.

Machine Learning with SAP IBP

SAP IBP is a mature cloud-based solution that allow high setup flexibility and customization. It also runs on a S/4HANA Database, which can process massive volume of complex calculations. This powerful processing capacity has been improved by embedding ML algorithms in its core, resulting in a very high performant machine. This is the perfect context for demand planning: Big Data database capacity, aggregation/disaggregation native functions, user-friendly interfaces and most importantly a high performing data processing.


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