SAP IBP (Integrated Business Planning) at Hijos de Rivera

Today in our Blog, we want to talk about one of the latest projects implemented by Saptools for one of the great breweries in Spain. None other than Hijos de Rivera.

A company with innovative DNA and its own identity: family, Galician, artisans, innovative, natural, authentic and different.

The brewing industry is a fascinating world of flavors and traditions, but it’s also a field that demands exceptional logistical planning and coordination.

With SAP IBP (Integrated Business Planning), Hijos de Rivera has a connected, contextualized and collaborative supply chain.

Hijos de Rivera

Corporación Hijos de Rivera is a family-owned, internationalized Brewing Group, specialized in the production, marketing and distribution of beverages, with 100% national and independent capital, founded in 1906 and which maintains its headquarters in Galicia. Outstanding brands are Estrella Galicia beer, 1906 beer, Maeloc cider, Ponta da Boga wine, Cabreiroa water, among many other brands of wine, beer, water, cider, juice, vermouth or liqueurs. It consists of 6 production centres that produce 703 million litres, 99% of which is in Spain.With a presence in 76 countries on 5 continents, it has 9 subsidiaries around the world.


SAP IBP (Integrated Business Planning) is a fully scalable advanced planning solution with a unified data model. Powered by SAP HANA and cloud-based, it offers simplified data integration to and from SAP IBP with an easy-to-deploy concept through Microsoft Excel and Web-based user interfaces. It offers easy collaboration within and between internal groups such as those created by demand and supply planners, finance and sales team members. It allows you to work with simulation scenarios and analysis in real time to show the status of key performance indicators and work oriented towards exception management.


The implementation project included the demand planning process and the S&OP tactical planning process:

  • SAP IBP for Demand is the component that specializes in demand management and planning. This module helps companies forecast future demand for their products and services more accurately, using advanced statistical models and machine learning algorithms.
  • SAP Integrated Business Planning for Sales and Operations Planning focuses on the sales and operations planning process. This process is crucial for aligning supply and demand, integrating plans from different business areas (such as sales, marketing, operations, and finance) to achieve a unified, consensual and achievable business plan.

The project was carried out in a total of 5.5 months, meeting all the objectives and starting on schedule. The team’s technical and business experience and the pre-configured easyDP accelerator (developed by Saptools) for demand planning, allowed for a tight implementation on time and with high user satisfaction.

Objectives achieved

Demand planning enables the achievement of the following benefits:

  1. Reduction in stockouts: Accurate demand planning allows you to size your stock optimally.
  2. Decrease obsolescence: A good forecast promotes the adjustment between supply and demand, thus reducing obsolescence levels.
  3. Improve service level: Good planning improves deliveries in mode, place and time by a higher percentage.
  4. Reduce costs in the supply chain: A consensual demand forecast will lead to a reduction in costs in the supply chain as it will allow the optimization of existing resources
  5. Increase interdepartmental coordination: Favors alignment in decision-making under an overall objective

The SOP process has made it possible to:

  1. Integrated Planning: Allows the creation of integrated plans that consider both demand and supply capacity, ensuring that business decisions are balanced and aligned with the company’s strategic objectives.
  2. Collaborative Process: Encourages collaboration between the different actors and departments of the company, as well as with external partners, to develop a consensual plan that takes into account all perspectives and constraints.
  3. Financial Impact Analysis: Includes the ability to assess the financial impact of sales and operations plans, allowing companies to better understand the financial implications of their operational decisions.


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If you want to boost your planning with SAP IBP, do not hesitate to contact us.