How to improve plant productivity with SAP (MII)

GRI Renewable Industries was born in 2008 as part of the ACEK holding company and currently has 16 manufacturing facilities for industrial wind energy components in 8 countries, a workforce of 3,570 employees and operates through a global footprint and an integrated value chain. Within its Wind Tower business, onshore, offshore and hybrid towers are manufactured, with a production capacity of more than 2,000 towers per year.

How do we apply the SAP Manufacturing Intelligence and Integration (MII) solution?

The project consists of the implementation of a production control system in the plant using digital technologies and manufacturing 4.0. It has been successfully implemented in the plants of Turkey and Galicia (Spain) and it is planned to extend it to the rest of the factories and countries.

Synoptics have been defined that physically represent the plant, machines and production systems and that allow online monitoring of performance and operations being carried out, as well as any incident. Likewise, the logistics process has been integrated and the warehouses of main materials necessary for the production process have been configured. Supervisors and managers have an online view of the production system. Through KPIS such as OEE, advanced analysis of the manufacturing process is carried out, both at the area level as a machine, process or operator.

What enhancements and benefits does SAP MII offer?

  1. It has led to an improvement in productivity through real-time information and graphical synoptics of production, maintenance and quality. Online integration with the SAP transactional system avoids data redundancy and exploits current systems to the fullest in a fully integrated way.
  2. The quality validation process and the traceability of materials and production allows an optimized production process.
  3. Maintenance management also allows you to graphically control the status of fixed and mobile machines, managing stoppages, corrective, preventive and all kinds of interventions. Production operators can report faults and the entire system is integrated.
  4. Operators can control real and theoretical times and through alerts manage time and process autonomously. The use of mobile devices, simple interfaces adapted to the needs of production has allowed a very fast learning curve, simple change management, minimization of errors and very high data quality.

Manufacturing integration intelligence SAP MII

The project in Turkey was developed and started on time despite the sanitary restrictions in force during its development. The plant in Galicia has also started within schedule and with high satisfaction of operators, supervisors and managers.

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