Integration and Mobility for Industry 4.0

Digitalization and automation of the plant improving traceability, processes and the experience of factory workers

Current technology, with accessible sensor devices and integrated platforms that allow the digitalization of industrial processes, provide productive data with high granularity (Big Data) and allow automation of manual tasks, leads to an upgrade in analysis and projections and a significant improvement of the production process.

That is why one of the great objectives pursued by modern industry is to have a fully integrated plant whose information is accessible in real time and from mobile devices, where the intervention to introduce information into the system is automated to its maximum and optimal degree.

This allows the plant to:

  • Improve the traceability of the entire process.
  • Digitize and automate the production and maintenance of the plant, through mobile and integrated solutions.
  • Transform internal processes, achieving their integration “end to end”, to have in real time the state of the factory, standardizing the processes in the SAP system, allowing its scalability.
  • Optimize the user experience, improving productivity and eliminating errors due to manual data entry, facilitating daily management.

The main areas of application are production, maintenance and quality, integrating information into a single system, without silos and with easy and intuitive access for operators and supervisors without the need for them to be experts in systems such as SAP ECC.

Synoptics are defined that physically represent the plant, machines and production systems and that allow online monitoring of performance and operations that are being carried out, as well as any incident.

It facilitates the scheduling of the work, sequencing, notification of operations and initialization and completion of these immediately and with the necessary information adapted.

Signal values are automatically captured from OPC, MQTT, MODBUS, …

The monitoring allows to know in a visual way the current status of the orders in progress and their degree of progress, the state of the machine at that time, data of the order, the allocation of secondary resources, the assigned people, notifications of the operation, scheduled stoppages for maintenance, justifications of the stoppages that occurred or process instructions.

Real-time analytics allow you to react in time and manage the plant optimally.

Synoptic of machines and indicators

SAP has a Suite of solutions to implement these objectives and make our organization an Industry 4.0.

On Premise: SAP Manufacturing Execution: SAP MII, SAP Fiori and SAP PCo, connected to SAP ECC / S4 Hana.

SAP Manufacturing Execution is a modern web-based composite application platform that enables the deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) applications for the shop floor, with bidirectional connectivity to SAP ECC/S4 Hana.

SAP MII, as part of this Suite in conjunction with SAP Plant Connectivity (PCo) enables the automation of signal capture and other productive values through a friendly visual development environment.

SAP PCo permits the exchange of information between an SAP system and data sources from different manufacturers connected using industry-specific standards, such as PCS (Process Control Systems), Historians or SPC systems. With PCo, SAP can receive tags and events from source systems on the shop floor both automatically and on demand.

Cloud: SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud (DMC).

SAP cloud solution, SaaS, which includes integration with ERP, near real-time and data analytics.

Adaptable to the needs through various solutions:

  • Business Process Extensions: allow you to extend the process with the necessary business extensions.
  • UI Extensions: integrate the company UI into DMD by building POD Client Plugins or creating UI applications with public APIs.
  • Machine Learning Extensions: they carry their own model for AI/ML Visual Inspection Scenarios.
SAP Source:

Hybrid Models

They combine SAP DMC Cloud and SAP MII/PCO on Premise.

SAP Source:

Saptools has an extensive experience in the implementation of mobility solutions in Industry 4.0, with various deployed projects in different types of industries. It has a large group of experts and business content that will allow you to accelerate its implementation, with guarantees and with a partner who will understand your problems and provide you with adapted solutions.

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