18 March, 2019

What is Saptools Insights?


In this article we want to explain what it is and what is it for Saptools Insights. It is a tool for SAP that Saptools has created to improve user experience.

It consist of an options bar for Excel, programmed with VBA and C#.

On the one hand, this bar allows you to “convert” any sheet of the SAP BPC, SAP IBP and SAP DP programs to a “Saptools” format. By converting it to this format, the new bar allows new navigation and data exploration functions. You can filter interactively, you can select by combinations with a single click, you can calculate key figures… and you can manipulate the graph in a very simple way. You can change the size or change the format of the series.

On the other hand, Saptools Insights is linked to our engine R. The R engine is a set of scripts that allow analyzing time series. Among the many functionalities, the most relevant is that allows calculation a forecast per time series. Among the many functionalities, the most relevant is that it allows calculating a forecast per time series. This is what we call predictive analytics. There are many mathmatical algorithms and a program that makes the user can choose them to calculate their predictions. Obviously, the program can make a proposal on what it thinks is the best model to use, even creating combinations of many different algorithms. All this engine is programmed in R (free programming language) and it is created on an API.


For more information about Saptools Insights on a user level, visit our Youtube Channel.

Do you still have doubts about this tool? Let us know and we will solve them!


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