Waterfall or Agile: Which methodology is best for your project?

Which is the methodology that best fits your project? Waterfall or Agile.

In this article, we pretend to give you some keys so you can identify which of the two methodologies (Waterfall or Agile) are better for your project.

Waterfall model: What is it, advantages and disadvantages

It is a work methodology used for the development of IT projects. It is the most traditional, that is why most of the people use it.

This Waterfall methodology is a sequential methodology. It works very well in companies or processes that are very well structured. It is based on the premise that the user knows what he wants.

Modelo Waterfall

Among its advantages, it stands out that in the Waterfall model it is very easy to plan since there are a series of tasks in a sequential format. In addition, it is a documentation-based model which makes the whole process much easier.

Moreover, this model has also its disadvantages. It is a very rigid model and hardly adaptable to possible changes during the course of the project. It should also be noted that there is the possibility that the final product does not match the expectations of the customer, which we consider a great disadvantage.


Modified Waterfall Model

From the disadvantages of the Waterfall model, it emerges the modified Waterfall model. This modification of the model, allows you to go back to check that all phases are correctly implemented, as shown in the following image:

Modelo Waterfall Modificado

Agile Model

This work methodology prioritizes the agility and flexibility of the project for the optimization of the project results. This model is based on the premise that the user does not always know exactly what he wants to extract from the project.

Metodología Agile

The biggest advantage of this model is that end-users are involved.

But there are also disadvantages. On the one hand, the entire team has to be involved in the project and therefore more resources are needed. On the other hand, it is more complicated to plan, since using this methodology it is easy for the project to be extended.


And in Saptools how do we work?

In Saptools we always adapt to the needs of the client, so analyzing the type of client and project we see which is the most efficient work methodology.

So Waterfall or Agile? If it is up to us to choose a work methodology, we like to work with the following model:

Modelo Saptools

It is a circular methodology that allows you to go back at each stage, to ensure that both the client and the consultants work in the same direction.

Within the Discover part we ask ourselves:

Scope: What is the problem? Who is involved?

Research: Is this really the problem? What else can we do?

Synthesize: Define the problem. Create user profiles.



Ideate: How we are going to solve the problem?

Prototype: Show our solution proposal.

Validate: Would the problem be solved?

—– and start again…



Implement: Build and document the solution.

Test: It is properly built?

Deploy: Deliver the solution.


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