Saptools easy S&OP, learn more about it.

The easy S&OP solution is developed on SAP IBP and it will allow you to have a better control of your Supply Chain.

easy S&OP is a SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution.

SAP IBP solution offers:

    • Create optimal business plan to boost
    • Create an optimal business plan to boost your company’s growth, simulating settings intuitively.
    • Effectively balance demand and supply to achieve financial objetives.
    • Increase speed and planning agility, responding to market changes.
    • Improve forecast accuracy and delivery times.
    • Have a decision-making process that facilitates collaboration between departments.


You will finally use Microsoft Excel as a user interface. You can launch complex calculations and get anwers in seconds thanks to SAP IBP being powered by SAP HANA. In addition, SAP IBP is flexible, highly configurable and adaptable to business requirements. Finally, it has a unified planning model integrated with SAP S/4 HANA.


How can easy S&OP help you

Easy S&OP is developed on SAP IBP, the new generation of SAP Cloud solutions based on SAP HANA in memory technology. It gathers the practical improvements of the industry accumulated during more than 20 years of Saptools in advanced Supply Chain projects, packaged in a Plug & Play solution that greatly facilitates the adoption.

Many of our customers start with the core of the solution, the Sales and Operations Planning module. The S&OP module allows you to effectively balance demand and supply to reach your financial goals.

In addition to the usability of IBP, we offer you guides and training materials that ensure the adoption of the solution, as well as a more satisfactory user experience.

Without risks, with defined price and scope, everything you need ready for you to get the maximum performance from the first moment, guaranteeing the scalability to where the business require.

The easy S&OP solution can fit in your company, contact us now for a personalized DEMO.