21 January, 2020

Sign up for our SAP IBP events

If you are interested in SAP IBP, but still do not know exactly what benefits it can bring to your company, we recommend you to sign up for our SAP IBP events.

¿How do we approach our SAP IBP events?

We normally do half day events, and those are divided in two parts, with a coffee break in the middle.

In the first part, we usually explain how to boost Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) through SAP IBP. This part is normally exposed by one of our SAP IBP experts.

Once this part is well explained and clear, we proceed to explain the modules that compose SAP IBP. Supply & Response, Inventory, Control Tower…

All this first part, is necessary to clear and organize ideas and start to make a clearer idea on how will it fit in your company.

After the coffee break, (we allways bring coffee and cookies to make it more enjoyable ) it’s time for a demo. One of our consultants, will show you from the inside, how does SAP IBP work.

Finally, it’s time for the business case. In this moment, all the ideas explained are transformed to real facts in a real SAP IBP project.

Technical presentations do not last more than 40 minutes to make it a more beneficial event and you can get the most out of it.

In addition, SAP has just certified us the “easy S&OP” packaged solution so that no only big companies can access SAP IBP. During the events we will explain it on detail.

¿When is the next event?

We do not know exactly when the next SAP IBP will take place yet. This is why we suggest you to sign up on our events list. So you will have the information about our next events before anyone else does.

If you do not want to wait until the event, because you want to have more information about “easy S&OP” or about “SAP IBP”, we offer you a free consultancy in your office. You only have to send us an email with “free consultancy” on the title.


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