SAP FIORI: What is it, accessibility and applications

To understand what SAP Fiori is, it is important to understand that Fiori is the user. SAP Fiori emerged from the need of doing the user experience more intuitive, interactive and accessible. Based on this need, a set of applications will be developed that will focus on changing the paradigm of the user experience that we know so far (SAP GUI) and is what is called SAP Fiori.

To achieve the objectives, Fiori is based on five principals:

Based in roles. In SAP GUI we have a transaction for multiple roles exposing all data and functions, while in Fiori we seek to have separate applications exposing only the data and functions necessary for each user.

As simple as possible, including only that necessary information.

The user’s interaction must be intuitive.

Possibility of running on a wide variety of devices.

Attraction. The user should be attracted by the ease of performing the usual processes.

SAP Fiori


SAP Fiori Launchpad allows executing on any type of device. It is the access point to all applications. There is an official SAP application called SAP Fiori Client available in windows, iOS and Android to configure access to the launchpad.


There are three types of applications:

Transactional: allow to execute the classic SAP transactions from mobile devices.

Fact Sheet: show both key and contextual information about business objects. Example: application that shows the purchase contracts of the company with a multitude of specific data, such as the contacts involved.

Analytics: show key data and allow analyzing the data in real time in a comprehensive manner. KPI indicators are key in these types of applications.

The Fact Sheet and analytical applications require SAP HANA database, while the transactional ones can be both SAP HANA and other databases.


By: Francisco Gómez