SAP Analytics Cloud

Business success requires complete analytics. Business intelligence, planning and prediction to support strategic, operational and tactical decisions.


Likewise, training users to act with confidence in the expected moment requires a real time contextual view.


The SAP Analytics Cloud solution provides analysis to all users in charge of making intelligent decisions to improve results.


In addition, SAP Analytics Cloud offers an accumulated history view, present and future trends to all decision makers of your company, revealing the following optimal steps needed to increase value.


Finally, the solution combines the SAP BI business intelligence system, one of the most powerful currently available, with collaborative business planning and the power of prediction tools and the latest Machine Learning technologies.


  • BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE (BI) Easily explore the information of the entire organization. Delivery of strategic information to the groups of interest.
  • COLLABORATIVE BUSINESS PLANNING Turn plans into actions easily. Design more dynamic business models with integrated workflows supported by rich strategic information without bias.
  • PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS AND AI Put strategic information through Machine Learning, and simplify the access to critical information with natural language processing.


  • Reinvented analytics through the intersection of collaborative planning, Machine Learning and advanced analytical capacity.
  • Obtaining deeper strategic information with less effort. It answers natural language questions, analyzes data automatically, simulates and forecasts future events.
  • Fast and reliable decisions. Deliver correct information, in the right place and time.


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