Industry 4.0: Smart Asset Management


SAP Intelligent Asset Management solution is a single access platform based on Cloud that allows taking the step towards digital transformation in asset management, using machine learning and real-time data from IoT devices with intelligent application.


Maintenance Management

Moving from traditional corrective and preventive maintenance, or based on conditions, to maintenance based on the intelligent and adapted use of asset data and the context in which they are produced.


Maintenance and performance strategy

Define and plan the objectives and maintenancce strategies of the asset with a global vision to optimize performance, performing the indicated tasks at the appropriate time.


Task sequencing

Optimizing resources (human, materials and assets), minimizing downtime, prioritizing critical tasks and maximizing value enhancement.


Predictive Models

Predict maintenance-relevant events by interpreting trends to achieve operational excellence.


Prescriptive Models

Maintenance optimization adding to the predictive model that anticipates the appearence of a failure the cause that causes it with the proposed action for its resolution.


Asset Monitoring

Alerts dashboard with permanent visibility, in the field or remotely, of the status of the operation in each workplace, avoiding breackdowns or quality problems.


Plant mobile devices

Access to information digitization and its updating in the field, with the consequent increase in productivity and efficiency in the plant, reducing errors, downtime and operating costs.


Collaborative portal

Repository for the exchange of information between manufacturers, those responsible for production, maintenance, engineering, and service providers, facilitating a single point of inquiry regarding information on the asset, being able to promote its consultation and event purchase- sale of content.


Analyticsl exploitation and metrics

Analytical platform with a very usable user interface that offers a great user experience for the exploitation of data analytucally, with graphs, trends, KPIs.


  • Cloud-based solution (SaaS)
  • Integration of machine learning, IoT and Big Data technologies for the intelligent management of plant assets
  • Monitoring the entire maintenance management process, as well as the service and operation assets
  • Modern user interface that offers a great user experience in SAP Fiori


  • Increased reliability and availability of assets
  • Productivity increase
  • Optimization of the balance between dedication to corrective and preventive maintenance
  • Maintenance cost reduction
  • Greater visibility of the status of maintenance tasks and asset management
  • Reduction of unplanned stops


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