Reduce delivery times and simplify the planning process


SAP S/4 HANA offers the new embedded PP/DS, which incorporates the planning and sequencing capabilities of SAP APO’s finite capacity into the core of SAP ERP. Having the integrated PP/DS functionality provides many advantages. Both from a technical and functional point of view. In addition to the simplified integration of master and transactional data. Or the execution of the finite capacity planning and sequencing algorithms of PPDS from the MRP Live.


It also has an innovative user interface. New Fiori apps are introduced in S/4 HANA for graphic capacity monitoring, shift maintenance and capacity leveling (Gantt chart).


PP/DS offers the planner a complete set of functionalities related to internal production planning, external procurement and outsourcing planning, production resource programming and sequence optimization.


By executing genetic optimization algorithms, PP/DS automatically proposes viable and optimized multilevel production programs. These take into account plant capacity constraints and material availability. Which allows the planner to guarantee a fast, flexible and demand-oriented response.



  • CIF simplification for master and transactional data
  • Planning and programming applications can be used in a single HANA database, the Livecache in now part of the SAP HANA database
  • Integrated material requirements planning and unified execution log in MRP Live
  • Performance improvement in order publishing in PP
  • New Fiori APPS introduced with an improved user interface


  • Reduction of customer delivery times for both MTS and MTO
  • Simplification of the planning process with a single automatic planning order
  • Maximization of the capacity offer optimizing preparation times
  • Minimization of sub-stocks by sequencing to multilevel finite capacity, considering the availability of components and dates of need


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